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February 2017
Please accept this letter as our endorsement of the skills and talents of Kim Leinweber and her associates at Russ Lyon Sotheby’s International Realty.

In October of 2015 we were introduced to Kim and her associates to help us purchase our first home in the United States. We were looking for a second home in the Scottsdale area of the valley. From the moment we met Kim we felt that she was well versed in the current market conditions and was eager to work with us to find the perfect home.

We were amazed at Kim’s ability to assess our needs, wants, and financial commitment in regard to our home search. She took great care to prioritize our expectations without our feeling like we were under a microscope. Kim was open to helping us view not only the properties that we felt were right, but also some that pushed the limits that we had put forward.

For three months Kim tirelessly kept in contact with us while we were at home in Canada. She was always available to view any home that we felt might suit our needs. She was also available to discuss any concerns we may have had.

In December of 2015 the perfect property came available for sale. Upon contacting Kim, she booked and viewed the property within two days. She called us from the car after her viewing and told us that this was in fact the perfect home. We were so confident in Kim’s knowledge of our needs that we made an offer on the house without seeing it for ourselves. Once we had a chance to see the property we were grateful that she had been adamant about this house. It was the perfect home for us.

Thru-out the entire process of shopping for and purchasing our house, Kim was knowledgeable, diligent, and professional in all matters. Even during times of uncertainty, Kim kept her calm demeanour and searched to find the best possible solution for every circumstance.

Kim continues to be available to us with any help she might have. From tradesman, and amenities, to favorite restaurants and things to do, Kim is an expert on the Scottsdale area. We could not have asked for more.

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