Key Questions to Ask a Selling Agent

It's important to work with an agent who is aligned with your goals as you sell your home. Here are the key questions to ask when choosing someone to represent your interests.




1. How long have you've been working in real estate?

Make sure your agent or your team of agents have been working in real estate for several years. If you are working with a team, ensure you will work with the principals and not be passed along to another agent with little or no experience.

2. Does the agent demonstrate confidence?

When you speak with them, do they speak confidently about their experience, about getting your home sold for the best possible terms, and about their process? Do they demonstrate a take-charge attitude, but still acknowledge you are the customer?

3. Are you a full-time or part-time agent?

Your home is often one of your largest personal assets. Treat it as such, and hire a full-time professional to sell it. Your Real Estate Team should be available whenever you need them, and available to show your home whenever necessary.


4. What areas do you cover?

Make sure the agent is familiar with your neighborhood and surrounding area. Make sure they are familiar with comparable properties, area amenities, and how to sell your area to others. Ask them about schools, restaurants nearby, recent sales of other homes in your neighborhood or area.

5. How available will you be for me?

There is a fine line between “most popular agent” and too busy to make time for you. Ask a potential agent how they handle showing requests for your home. Can they get any qualified potential buyer into the home or do they have to pass on showings or “leave keys under the mat” due to their schedule? Can you get a quick response when you reach out to them? Ask how often they will communicate with you, and how available they are to answer questions.


6. How do you ensure I get the most value for my home?

Negotiation is a critical part of real estate, so you want agents who are well-informed and able to negotiate persuasively with data and experience. Make sure you feel confident the agent you choose will hold firmly to the best terms for you, but also be able to work cooperatively with a Buyer’s Agent. The more experienced your agents are, and the more active they are in the industry, the more likely they will be able to negotiate terms acceptable to you.

7. What is your process after we've accepted an offer?

Having an agent who continues working hard for you after you have an accepted offer will increase the likelihood that the offer will progress to a successful closing. Make sure your agent provides you details of their process after the offer. Will they be present for Inspection Wrap-Ups? What about appraisals? Walkthroughs? Can they coordinate repairs? All of these details ensure a timely close of escrow.



Reasons to Choose The Team with MORE

Here are 10 things our team does to provide you confidence when selling your home.


With a team of full-time agents working for you, someone is always available to be there when you need it. 


Our affiliation with Russ Lyon Sotheby’s International Realty provides exposure to a worldwide network of potential buyers for your home.


With more than 40 years of combined real estate experience in Arizona, we’ve seen market highs, lows, and everything in between. You can feel confident putting your real estate investment in our capable hands.


We are used to working financial equations and are not intimidated by them - in fact, we look forward to justifying why your investment is worth every penny to potential buyers, their Realtors, their lenders, and appraisers.


Our worldwide network equals more exposure for your home. We interact with Russ Lyon Sotheby’s agents, the Arizona real estate community, with our network of over 4,000 out-of-state real estate agents,and globally with Sotheby’s affiliates.

Exposure to Potential Buyers

We work in all areas of the Valley - so we can uncover buyers from many different communities.


We’ll keep you informed of everything we’re doing to get your home sold. And we’ll do everything we say we’re going to, when we say we'll do it.


We do whatever it takes—whether it’s making a bed for a last-minute showing or supplying the right contractors for a needed repair.


We will be honest with you about what it will take to get the best price and terms for your home sale.


We work with a smile on our face and a spring in our step. You’ll enjoy working with us!

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