House Hunting Tips

Check out these tips that will help you get the most out of your home search.




1. Work with an agent or team that is familiar with multiple areas

The Team with MORE has helped clients buy and sell homes throughout the Valley for over 20 years. Our broad knowledge of the Greater Phoenix area enables our Team to cast a wider net for your home search giving you the needed visibility to make the best choice.

2. Get pre-qualified or obtain a proof of funds letter

If you plan to obtain a loan, you must have a loan pre-qualification form filled out by a lender in order to submit an offer on a property. If you’re paying cash, you must have a Proof of Funds letter or bank statement. Complete this step before looking at homes and you’ll save yourself time and potential heartache by being prepared and knowing what you’re comfortable affording.

3. Be mindful of resale 

Selling is probably the farthest thing from your mind when you are in buy mode, but considering resale helps you in two ways. First, imagining reselling a house sheds a brighter light on any potential concerns. For example, if you are worried about a busy street, chances are those concerns will still be there for future Buyers.  Secondly, looking at every angle that can affect resale is good due diligence that increases the likelihood for a better return on your investment.

4. Remember your initial home requirements

Remember your initial new home criteria, and keep the priorities consistent. The Team with MORE will take the time to remind you of the reasons you’re looking for a home and help to ensure you’re staying on track.

5. Don't be swayed by finishes if a floor plan isn't right

Again, make sure you stick to your original plan if they are truly must-haves. For example, if you need three bathrooms for your growing family, don't let the facade of a nice remodel sway you to compromise on a house with only two bathrooms. Having to add an extra bathroom later may cost you more in the end.

6. Always get a home inspection

Some buyers consider passing on a home inspection to make their offer seem more attractive, or they assume everything will be “fixable.” While inspections are not perfect, they are worth the time and minimal investment.


7. Work with a Realtor who will be honest with you about potential negatives in a home

A Realtor who has your best interests in mind will make sure to point out any obstacles to future resale, any pitfalls in a home’s location or floor plan, or other items which might impact your desire to purchase a home to make sure you have all eyes open when it comes to a new home.

8. Pay attention to a home's general upkeep and maintenance

Visiting a property with well-manicured landscaping and that is free of clutter is a good start and can indicate the general condition of the entire home. By contrast, broken items like fixtures or an unkempt lawn may signal that other parts of the home are in similar condition. Work with a Realtor who pays attention to these small details. 


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