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February 2017
I wanted to express my sincere thanks and appreciation for the outstanding service you provided me in the recent sale of my previous home and the subsequent search and purchase of my current home.

From the very start of the selling process, your team, and in my case, specifically Kim Leinweber and Tracey Gray; established a true partnership and project management approach to the overall process of selling my home. Throughout the entire process there was a formalized step by step process utilizing proven, best approaches to accomplish the many tasks associated with the successful sale of a property. Additionally, Kim and Tracey’s extensive business backgrounds were effectively leveraged numerous times throughout the process. From a thorough, data driven market assessment that enabled a smooth establishment of an initial listing price to the candid feedback and personal involvement you demonstrated in staging the home for each and every visitor, your commitment and ownership of the task were unequaled.

The experience your team brings to bear in knowing what are the crucial and high leverage elements of negotiating the final sale were incredibly valuable and right on target. Importantly throughout the entire process, your written and verbal communication style seeks to understand the needs of all parties while simultaneously ensuring everyone has the information, expectations and tools needed to be successful. This commitment to thorough communication ran throughout the entire process, including all electronic document signing and managing the Title company and escrow officers. I always felt that you were champions for my cause and had my best interests at the forefront, even when that meant you had to let me know I needed to adjust or change something.

I’m so grateful for all you did on my behalf. I’m so satisfied with my new home that I don’t intend on requiring your services again for several years; however, should my situation ever change, you’ll be the first ones to hear about it as I’ll surely request your help once again. In the meantime, I’d be thrilled to discuss my very positive experiences with any of your potential clients.

Once again, thank you so very much for all your support and effort.

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